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Veteran magician Jack Kodell discusses his many firsts in magic,

including creating the world's first bird act and performing in Las Vegas

We travel to Pigeon Forge, TN for the 33rd Winter Carnival of Magic

and find a genuine warmth toward all magicians

Fantasio sits down with Stylesmith and reveals the secrets of his success,

starting with his immigration to America

Lecture star Tom Craven gives Stylesmith an idea of what it's like

to constantly be on the road throughout the fifty states.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to take an illusion show on the road, Aaron Radatz gives you the low down.

Stylesmith visits with Grandice Illusions, a company that specializes in

custom illusion building starting with fully rendered 3D computer images

Tommy Jones explains a few tricks that can be used for both

corporate and children's shows

Stylesmith travels to Jacksonville, FL to check out a local institution:

Mr. G's Magic & Costume Shop

Joshua Jay takes a few minutes to show us his favorite

impromptu card trick

Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world, is back to teach the elements

of the false cut and the psychology of restaurant magic