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Magic legend John Calvert talks with Stylesmith about everything

from Hollywood to plane crashes to his first meeting with Tammy

Linda and Tom graciously welcome us into their magic shop,

The Cuckoo's Nest, situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA

The best thing for frigid weather is the Daytona Beach

Festival of Magic, as Harry and Irv keep things heated up

Denny Haney takes time out to sit with Stylesmith and reminisce

about his career, his mentors and a few of his secrets

George Schindler, John Bohannon and Tom Klem give us

not only the history behind the Houdini gravesite, but also

a broken wand ceremony

Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world, works with the basics

of controlling the card to the bottom and the false cut

Gary Darwin opens his Las Vegas doors for a tour of his

famous collection of magic memorabilia which left us breathless

New York City's Monday Night Magic is the premiere showcase

for magicians in Manhattan, and they come from

around the world to perform

Tomas Medina returns to teach us a few more of his favorite

magic tricks, as only he can

Graham Putnam leads us through FUN, Inc. and shows us

how the tricks we grew up with are still being made