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Marshall Brodien reminisces about growing up in Chicago

and what lured him into selling on TV

Emory Williams takes us on a tour of his magic shop in

Tucson, AZ, and shows how he competes with the internet

We discover that the Abbott's Get Together is more than

just a convention; for a week you become family

Celeste Evans sits down with Stylesmith and describes what life

was like on the road for a female magician from Canada

Jerry Conklin gives George Schindler a tour of the Colon cemetery,

each giving insights on the famous names found there

Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world, works with the basics

of the double lift and controlling the card to the top

Jim Moody gives us a taste of his lecture,

"How to be Show-Wise"

Kevin & Caruso reveal the history of their Miami magic show

"New Wave Magic" and how they continue to perform their act

on the cruise ships.

Tomas Medina teaches us a couple of his favorite

magic tricks, accompanied by his unique sense of humor

Kent Cummins, Trixie Bond, Gus Davis, James Caldwell and Steve Farmer join the roundtable to discuss teaching children magic