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Bev Bergeron talks about his life in magic,

from tent shows and Disney World to television

Tom and Denny give us a tour of Denny & Lee's

in Las Vegas, and invite us to their "open mic"

We visit Louisville, KY for the S.A.M. convention

and watch as they bring out the stars

Ali Bongo sits down with Stylesmith to recount how experiences in his life helped spark his magic

Norm Neilsen invites us to view his legendary poster collection, and we bring the camera along

Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world,

shows us how to create a better card effect

Kevin Spencer shows us the benefits of

getting involved with the Healing Of Magic project

We travel to Santa Monica, CA to discover the evolution of Steve Spill's magic theatre, Magicopolis

Mentalist Brandon Thomas returns to give us thought provoking psychic treats

Arian Black, Joan Dukore, Lupe Neilson and Debbie Fielding give Stylesmith a look at magic from a women's point of view