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Dan Stapleton talks about his career in magic and digs deep to give us some cruise magic secrets

Harry Allen invites us to the Daytona Magic Shop and lets us see behind the curtain

We travel to Canton, Ohio to the Battle of Magicians to discover it really is the "FUN" convention

George Schindler sits down with Stylesmith and reminiscences about growing up with magic

Haines House of Cards shows us how the trick decks we've used for decades are made

Ed Ellis, the fastest hands in the world, gives us the foundation for building a better card trick

Steve Hart gives us a taste of his lecture, "Creating New Ideas For Magic"

Vince Carmen reveals what it takes to create an ongoing dinner theater show like "It's Magic" in Sarasota, FL

Mentalist Brandon Thomas teaches us a few of his favorite effects

Bev Bergeron, Dennis Phillips and Fred Moore join the roundtable to discuss magic:  past, present and future