ENIGMA the DVD is a seven disc collection of magic in America created exclusively for the magic community.  Hosted by magician Chuck "Stylesmith" Smith, each disc covers the world of magic in a series of performances, visits, lectures and round table discussions, including: 

Magician Profiles, Convention Recaps, Show Reviews, Magician Roundtables
One on One Interviews, Magic Shop Tours and The Magic School

Best of all, ENIGMA is evergreen, which means that our features will be just as enjoyable to watch in the years to come as they are right now.   ENIGMA the DVD is truly a video
collection worthy of any magic enthusiast's shelf.

There are two ways to order  ENIGMA the DVD: by single issue or the complete collection.
Check out what's inside each issue:  Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5, Issue 6.




Chuck Smith, like the rest of us, got into magic when he was nine and began performing for friends and family.  He was soon doing magic shows at high school and taking the route most magicians take when they start:  Rotary Club, Kiwanis and fraternal organizations. He continued performing throughout his stint in the Air Force. 
Since then he has performed occasionally with an act geared either toward mentalism or general magic.  He has written articles for the Phoenix, New Jinx and Genii magazine and has recently been writing articles for Oracle.   He is also preparing articles for the other
various magic magazines digging into his half century of experience.

Each issue of ENIGMA comes in a standard plastic DVD case with full color cover art and DVD label.

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